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Personalised & Engraved Cufflinks, Custom Made With Letters, Words and Photos in the Uk

Gifts- Personalising a present is an excellent way of making it unique to the individual receiving it. Why buy an off the shelf product when you can get credit for the thoughful act of having something customised. It isn't complicated either, simply submit the details to us, be it text a photo or a logo, then leave the design and finish to us.  It really couldn't be simpler ! If your still short of ideas for yor perfect gift, check out our image gallery where you will find some of our stunning designs which should offer you some inspiration to help decide on the perfect choice.  Custom made cufflinks make excellent gifts for men or women and are available in a variety of styles to suit every taste. 

Wedding Cufflinks- The big day is a very special event in anyones life so it's only right that the Groom and his entourage of merry men look at their very best for the occasion.  It's not a secret that men are difficult to buy for at the best of times, and weddings are no exception. Our cufflinks are popular choice for this event as they can make a great gift for the Groom , Best Man, Ushers, Groomsmen, Father of  the Bride / Groom.  and Page Boys to name just a few. They can be made with names, dates, a brief message, or a photo,  using the same colours or styles so that they all match. We can also colour match with bridesmaids outifts so that everything blends together perfectly. We know that attention to detail can be extremely important to a Bride and Groom and this is an important part of the service that we can provide to help buying your cufflinks run smoothly. 

Engraved Cufflinks- Our range of  silver and gold plated engraved cufflinks are a popular favourite and are available in square, round, oval, and rectangular. The beauty of this item is that the colours are neutral which means they can be worn with any shirt without fear of creating a fashion disaster for the wearer. Engraving has been around for a long time and having this detail on cufflinks dates back to the 1700's when cufflinks were first used. The engraving methods have advanced significantly since that time, and our own state of the art computerised engraving equipement ensures accurate and quality results everytime, meaning we create a product our customers are proud to wear. This range is now available in Gold or Silver plated, with some of the designs incorporating crystals to give extra detail to the product.

Corporate Cufflinks-  What better way to highlight the corporate identity of your company than through branded clothing accessories. They can be worn by employees, presented as a gift or incentive for success and achievement, or given to clients or customers to further boost your brand. These can be designed with slogans, or company logos, even a # or @ which can be particualrly effective if your company is trying to boost awareness of a twitter presence or campaign. We are happy to discuss any other ideas  you may have in mind. Brand recognition is more important now than ever due to the seemingly limitless options that consumers and potential customers have, therefore it's important to find a way of getting them to remember your brand above all others. Branded Cufflinks offer a good opportunity to gain the edge in promoting your company identity and presence in the marketplace. Winning companies think outisde the box, branded t-shirts and pens are fine, but hasn't everyone done that by know? 
Accessories like cufflinks and the techology available to make these at competitive prices offer a new opportunity to companies to gain the leading edge in creating stronger brand recognition.
About Cufflinks- Cufflinks have been used as fasteners on double cuff shirts for centuries, and are now classed as a firm favourite amongst mens accessories. The beauty of personalisation is making this popular product a treasured item of personal significance that can be used time and time again. There are many different types or styles of cufflinks which is why they are such a versatile accessory. Many men actually collect cufflinks in the same way that women collect shoes or handbags, and have an impressive range of tens and even hundreds of pairs. They are a relatively inexpensive piece of jewellery which makes them accessable to everyone.
Often worn for everyday office wear, formal wear, evening wear and as an important part of mens wedding attire, it is no suprise that cufflinks are very much an 'in-demand' item.

Coming Soon- We are currently working on our website to allow our customers to make online purchases and this will be available in the near future. Our new design will display all the styles available in our impressive range, and allow you to custom make your personalised cufflinks in a few very easy steps. The overall shopping experience is something that we take very seriously, so we are taking our time to make sure we get this right first time round, so that once our customers have tried our website once and seen how easy the process can be, that they will be loyal to us and return time and again to shop with us. We appreciate your patience during this process, for now you can still order through our catalogue ordering system at the same competitive prices.